About Us

Community Action to Prevent Crime and to reduce the fear of crime.

What is Maghull HomeWatch Association (incorporating Lydiate & Sefton Village)?  

We are an umbrella organisation set up and run by unpaid volunteers to help the collection of individual HomeWatch Groups within Maghull, Lydiate and Sefton Village.

Our aim is to assist, educate, advise and encourage local residents with their Home Security and make them aware of general criminal activity in the area to which their homes could be subjected. We truly believe that information is extremely valuable and a powerful ally against crime.

We try not to alarm residents unnecessarily; just keep them informed to prevent fear or panic caused by criminals and help them avoid scams and cons too.

The group is supported by the Police. HomeWatch coordinators are police vetted.

Neighbourhood / HomeWatch was 30 years old in 2012 and has helped reduce crime wherever residents have set up groups. HomeWatch groups began to spring up in Maghull shortly after 1982. Maghull & Lydiate HomeWatch Association was set up 1990 with 25 groups (1191 households).

Currently we have 160 groups and 5,000 households.

Maghull is a low crime area but with more members we can make it even better.

How much does it cost to join?

An initial £1 joining fee helps to purchase the signs for the lampposts. The annual £1 goes towards printing the newsletters, email, website, administration costs etc.

 All of the Committee Members and Coordinators are volunteers, offering their time gladly and freely without any pay for the good of our area – please remember this.

What will I get as a member of Maghull HomeWatch Group :

Most importantly you will be a valued part of a community of like minded individuals who care about their neighbours, Maghull and will look out for each other. But you will also get:

Bi-monthly Newsletters, crime prevention advice, crime statistics, window stickers, Sign(s) on a lampost, advice on crime prevention, free literature, discounts on Smartwater, up to date information via the website and Facebook page. Some insurance companies will offer significant discounts on Home Insurance if you are a Homewatch Member. Some will ask for proof of membership (and so we provide certificates of membership).

Why should I bother to join or start a group? Does it really matter or make a difference?

An active HomeWatch Scheme can LOWER crime and generate community spirit.

HomeWatch areas are 10 times less likely to become victims of burglary – 1 in 300 households rather than 1 in 30 households in Great Britain.

The HomeWatch Lamposts and Stickers tell burglars you and your neighbours are security conscious and are looking out for each other. They are a deterrent.

Many Insurance Companies offer a discount / cashback on your Home Insurance including Swinton, Towergate, Lloyds TSB, Ansvar etc.

Maghull HomeWatch members can get Smartwater at the preferential rate of just £10.

Maghull HomeWatch members get information on crime statistics, crime prevention advice, trends etc, spikes in certain crimes happening in their area. Knowledge is power!

OK, so how do I go about joining or starting a HomeWatch Group?

Contact us by email or telephone Lynne (Secretary) who can tell you firstly if a group exists in your street / area. Your details will be passed to the group leader / coordinator for your street / area who will then get in touch.

If you do not have a group in your area or street and would like to start one up then contact us and Lynne will give you all the information, support and literature you will need. It will not consume your life and all we ask for is 20-30 mins to deliver newsletters every other month (20-30 houses).

What do Merseyside Police say:

“HomeWatch is the best known and most effective example of the community and police working together to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve quality of life.

A local HomeWatch scheme could help address not only those crimes such as burglary and car crime but also help with the problems of youths causing annoyance and incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area.”

The Maghull HomeWatch Group is supported by the Police. In fact we have a very good relationship with them and they provide us with local crime information and will attend meetings (when possible) and provide updates of what is happening in the area.

Profile of MHWA Committee:

Mike  (Chairman / IT / Newsletter)

Lynne  (Secretary / Membership)

Anne  (Treasurer)

–  (Vice Chairman)

Jeff  (Minutes)

Other Committee Members are Betty, Steve, May, John, Keith & Jill.
Helpers include Sandra & Rob.

Coordinators = 160  🙂

Updated 15/09/17 by Mike Woodward’s Taiji4you – Tai Chi for Health

Photography “Rooftop Dawn” by Mike Woodward ; MHWA Chairman 2012-17

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