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October 2015
MHWA celebrates 25 continuous years!!!

Chairman Mike Woodward announced that crime had fallen again, for the 3rd consecutive year – the current Committee took over in 2012.

Latest Crime Figures:

Click here for latest Police crime figures from POLICE.UK

General Comments:

We are fortunate to live in a low crime area, but must not allow complacency or burglars to creep in.

Some recent crimes were committed because UPVC doors were not locked properly. Ensure you turn the key to lock your doors and windows properly.

Please remember to activate your alarm even when popping out, going to bed. A number of houses that were broke into had alarms but were not switched on.

A number of burglaries were committed on houses in darkness. Please consider leaving lights on or buying a timer switch. Remember a house that looks occupied is far less likely to be broken into.

Some burglars used tools from householder’s sheds, or those left lying in the garden to gain entry. Please ensure tools etc are hidden in locked sheds and garages when not in use.

Some burgled houses had tempting items (electrical gadgets and valuables) visible from the rear windows.

Updated 24/10/15 by Mike Woodward’s Taiji4you – Tai Chi for Health

Photography “Rooftop Dawn” by Mike Woodward ; MHWA Chairman 2012-16

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