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Useful Crime Prevention Tips

Keep valuables out of site (away from windows and doors)

Make a note of any valuable serial numbers (e.g. smartphone, iPad etc) in a paper pad or register valuables at

Police do check serial numbers of goods in second hand shops etc and have a good success rate of returning belongings if lost or stolen. Also good for insurance claims.

You can also mark your property with smartwater (read separate section below). This will help to return your goods if stolen and later found.

Consider fitting a house alarm (and remember to activate it when going to bed / popping out)

Consider fitting a proximity light for dark paths / side of house.

Consider fitting CCTV (systems now have wireless cameras, can be remotely viewed from smartphones, ipads etc, can email you when motion detected all for a few hundred quid)

Consider having a lamp fitted to a timer switch (inexpensive) that will give the illusion that someone is in. Burglars are less likely to break in if they think a house is occupied.

Replacing your standard screws on your vehicle registration plate with stainless steel clutch head security screws will reduce your risk of becoming a victim of crime.(You can obtain these from Police Neighbourhood Office 0151 777 3117)

Fit a letterbox restrictor to your door (but ensure letterboxes are not obstructed from behind).

Take photos of valuables so you can prove ownership etc. Putting a ruler next to jewellery can give a true representation of the size.


UPVC doors and windows. Don’t just lift the handle but TURN THE KEY to ensure they are locked properly. Make sure you lock up when you go to bed, pop out for 5 minutes.

Keep sheds and garages locked. Don’t leave tools etc in the garden. Thieves will not go to houses ‘equipped’ as this is a crime in itself but will use spades or whatever is at hand to gain entry.

Useful Websites

Local Policing Priorities “Have Your Say” Newsletter

Check Police Crime Statistics for your area:

Check Charities are legitimate:


Report scams or attempted scams to Action Fraud or phone them on 0300 123 2040.

Download anti-scam resources from Think Jessica(A charity protecting elderly and vulnerable people from scams.

Information on how to stay safe online – Get Safe Online or
Cyber Street Wise and

Check premium rate numbers are genuine :

Check traders are approved:

Government Services and information:

Check companies are real:

Local Police information for Sefton:

Crime Prevention Advice :

Merseyside Police – Crime Prevention Advice.

Merseyside Police supports Homewatch and Neighbourhood Watch. Read the endorsement here.

Crime prevention advice from Metropolitan Police

Crime prevention advice from MyCrimePrevention

Crime prevention advice from BBC

OWL Advice Centre (what to do when crime takes place, how to reduce risk of crime)

Advice & Guidance, Information, Research Papers etc. from
Our Watch

Victim and witness support:

Smartwater (mark your property): (Buy from us for £10)

Immobilise (Register your property):

Telephone Preference Service (Register residential telephone numbers to stop unsolicited phone calls, you can also check if you are already registered):

Crimestoppers (Pass on information about criminal activity anomously, crime prevention advice etc)

Maghull Community Radio – Listen here on TuneIn Internet Radio

Sefton Neighbourhood Newsletter – Police Community Surgery and Quarterly ‘Have Your Say’ Meeting Dates / Times and Venues are also enclosed.

Useful Contacts

Emergency 999 Police (e.g. Crime is happening now, someone is injured, you or someone else is in danger, person who committed offence is still there / nearby)

Phone 101 for Police (or 0151 709 6010 if calling from outside Merseyside) for non emergencies ( property was burgled whilst on holiday, enquiries) – Total cost of call is 15p from landline or mobile.

Crimestoppers (report crime anonymously) 0800 555 111 (You can even dial 141 beforehand to prevent your number from being known)

Victim Support (support and help for victims, witnesses) 0845 30 30 900

Maghull Police Neighbourhood Office / Team  0151 777 3117

MHWA recommended Locksmith – Richard @ R K Locksmiths.

Tel: 0151 523 8206 Mobile:07595 714 464. Email  – Web

MHWA recommended Alarm and Light Installer: A.P.S Alarms – Anthony Pheysey.

Tel: 0151 526 6962  Mobile: 07836 237 018. Email Web

Smartwater – Now just £10 for Maghull Homewatch members.

Simply email us your name, address inc. postcode & a contact phone number and we will do the rest. A PCSO will visit your home & register it for you, show you how to mark your property etc. Simply give them a cheque for £10. (PCSO’s are not always able to ring to arrange before a visit).

Suitable for the marking of all manner of valuables including personal possessions, gadgets, tools, computers, phones etc. SmartWater’s forensic taggant solution is as robust as it is versatile. The liquid carries a forensic ‘code’ which is registered to an address or location.  Once applied it is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under UV light. Forensic analysis provides conclusive proof of ownership.

Smartwater dries quickly and no colour / liquid is transferred to other items. Shake the bottle well. Smartwater cannot be bought for individual businesses.

Click here to read about Smartwater and how it works, why it is effective.

Your stories and experiences

Contact us by email to share your stories, experiences and tips with us:

Thinking of CCTV

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  1. Easy to read and to stay informed about things going on in our area, it’s in our own interest as neighbours to look after each other’s property, good work by the team for Web Site INFO, Thanks, !!

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